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4 Of The BEST Exercises For Cellulite Reduction

In the video below Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist, Joey Atlas, demonstrates four
of the best exercises to help you get rid of cellulite. These four body weight leg exercises work the legs, buttocks, hips and thighs which are the areas most commonly affected by

The Four Exercises For Reducing Cellulite Are :

1.Double leg hamstring curls
2.Double leg knee ups
3.Double sided hip extensions
4.Exercise ball squats

Joey Atlas, who has a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science, has been helping women all around the world improve their overall fitness, energy and appearance since 1999.

Joey is especially interested in helping women to get rid of their cellulite and is doing his best to dispel some of the myths and misinformation perpetuated by many people within beauty industry.

During his childhood and early adulthood, Joey himself struggled with body issues and the emotional problems that go along with that. He therefore has a true empathy towards others struggling with body problems such as cellulite. His success in helping women with their body and fitness issues has resulted in him appearing in numerous magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, and OnFitness.

Joey also recently demonstrated a few of his anti cellulite exercises on the Better Show.
He was joined on the show by  two of the many women he has helped, who have been using his unique anti-cellulite exercises to get their own “cottage cheese syndrome” problems under control.

Here is another video presented by Joey Atlas, that you may be interested in. In this video he discusses what cellulite is, why women have it and why so many women struggle so much to get rid of it. He also talks about his complete cellulite reduction program which includes anti cellulite diet information and all the best exercises for getting rid of cellulite :
video about the best exercises to eliminate cottage cheese thighs


Cellulite Exercises On The Better Show

Joey Atlas, who is the creator of the Naked Beauty Symulast Method, recently demonstrated some of his anti-cellulite exercises on the Better Show with the help of two women who have been using his methods to successfully reduce their cellulite.

The Producer of The Better Show found Joey while she was doing some research, about how to get rid of cellulite, for an upcoming segment on the show. She was very impressed with Joey’s dedication and the work he has been doing in showing thousands of women all around the world about how to not only get rid of their “cottage cheese thighs”, but how to also improve their all round health, fitness and well being.

Joey Atlas is a guy who truly cares about all the women he comes into contact with and has dedicated the last fifteen years of his life to helping them achieve the body they desire and deserve.

Joey’s drive and determination in helping as many women as he can, overcome their unsightly “orange peel syndrome”, stems from the struggles that he had with his own body image as a child and young adult. He knows from first hand experience, just how much lack of confidence and low self esteem can negatively impact your life. Joey overcame his own personal issues and went on to achieve great success in all areas of his life and now he is helping as many women as he can to do the same.

Many women have successfully banished their cellulite thanks to Joey’s methods and some have even been brave enough to share their personal results, photos and all. You will find one such success story here : Naked Beauty Symulast Method Customer Review

Watch the video above right now, so you can learn some of Joey’s anti cellulite exercises and discover why his symulast method works, while many other methods fail to get the desired results.